My name is Jacob Cunningham and I am a freelance full stack web developer. I started learning web development in 2013 and have since been working professionally starting in 2016. I enjoy solving technical challenges and helping my clients resolve their problems.

Currently I am primarily focused on the Linux-end of the web. I'm primarily a LAMP-stack developer at this time. My skills iclude:

  • Server OS
    • - Linux
  • Web Servers
    • - Apache
    • - Nginx
  • Front end
    • - HTML
    • - CSS
    • - JavaScript (plain/jQuery)
  • Back end
    • - PHP
    • - Python
  • Databases
    • - MySQL
  • Cloud Compute
    • - AWS EC2
  • Platforms
    • - WordPress
  • Other
    • - AWS Polly (TTS)
    • - AWS S3

The background pattern is from, it is called Whitey and was made by Ant Eksiler.



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This is a PHP and Javascript calendar. Note that it is not yet optimized for portrait eg. mobile use. Since it is just a demo, you're only able to record 4 entries, and limited to 1 post every 5 minutes.


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